I am Natalie or just Natty :)

I call myself a hybrid intro/extrovert. I love love people and I love love time to myself reading books, taking baths or being outdoors for long periods of time doing some sort of exercise! I am also pretty over the top about my family and friends. I cherish time with them and definitely make time every week to spend time catching up over coffee or at a family dinner. Basically I love my people LOTS. Sort of like the way I love French Fries but even more so.

I married a great man that loves me more than life itself and we started our little family last year with our Charlie boy and then adding Harrison in early 2018. We have two little French Bulldogs whom have no idea they are not little humans and tend to run the house- Mr. Maxwell and Jean Claude. We are the Millers and I am completely outnumbered with all the boys but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Photography was something I started in college when I was at LSU. I don’t’ even want to count how many years ago that was. I learned in a dark room and with film and the whole 9 yards of the art form. It was a blessing to be able to see the extent of the trade. I shoot digital now for my weddings and families and am very thankful for it all because technology makes things very consistent and easy J

My clients tend to be a mix between an Anthrolpolgie lover and a JCrew enthusiast. They value originality and art and beauty but tend to be classic and relaxed about their wedding day. I guess that’s because that’s what I tend to be like in my photography work. I value the girls who say, “photography is the most important thing about my wedding,” and want to ensure everything is documented beautifully because that is the one take away from your wedding day aside from your spouse ;)

Clients become friends and that’s the way it will always be! 

My work reflects the light-hearted yet high-spirited girl that I am! Whether I am working with a couple on a Saturday, curating what they would normally do together if alone or chasing kids around in their backyard, I am steady bringing out the simple joys in our life through my lifestyle photography. In the end, I want sessions with my clients to be fun, unscripted and as seamless as possible, allowing my clients to enjoy their experience and cherish their memories forever. 


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Some of my Favorite Things


Hot Drinks,

Long Bike Rides,

DOVE Chocolates,

Listening to Live Music,

Keeping my House Tidy (I know, I am a loser),

Going to New Places,

Eating Delicious Food,

Sleeping in on Saturdays,

Watching a Storm Brewing,

the Mountains,

Mission Work in Foreign Countries,

+ French Fries of course.