Hey there! Nice to meet you! I am Natalie or just call me- Natty :)

I am excited about the littlest things in life- fresh flowers in my home, evening strolls, awesome music on long car rides. Pretty much just a happy gal all around! The awesome people I tend to work with end up being passionate about similar things- traveling to pretty places, making memories with their loved ones, pizza. You know, all the good things in life! 

Being a photographer has been deep down in my bones since I can remember. I am a collector at heart- of songs, of books, of memories. I am an observer. I am an artist. And I am a lover of beauty. My causal, laid-back personality helps to warm people up on the other side of the camera and we end up just having a great time and whilst making beautiful memories.  

How did it all start? Well, it took me several years after college, a couple of countries of mission work, several different day jobs and a constant stream of always wondering what I would do if I was guaranteed I wouldn’t fail before I decided to take the plunge into photography as a full-time business. Lord, am I glad the discontentment never left me!

My work reflects the light-hearted yet high-spirited girl that I am! Whether I am working with a couple on a Saturday, curating what they would normally do together if alone or chasing kids around in their backyard, I am steady bringing out the simple joys in our life through my lifestyle photography. In the end, I want sessions with my clients to be fun, unscripted and as seamless as possible, allowing my clients to enjoy their experience and cherish their memories forever. 



Any spare time I have creates time for me to be outside, spending time with my precious hubs and first-born son, Charles aka Charliepants aka Chicken Nugget aka Chuckles. We have 2 little Frenchies – Jean Claude and Mr. Maxwell – and enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood, riding bikes or just being with family. I am an expert cat napper, hot tea drinker, French fry connoisseur and oblivious butcher of the English language. I am a sucker for great convos and life stories, for local coffeeshops or long, aimless bike rides. I am a people person through and through and would love to hear more about you!

I obviously love to rhyme as well :) 

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