baton rouge wedding photography

I call myself a hybrid intro slash extrovert. I love love people and on the other side, I love love time to myself reading books, taking baths and being outdoors for periods of time doing some sort of exercise! I am over the top about my family and friends. After losing both parents at 20 I have come to see the irreplaceable value that people have on our lives.

I married a great man that loves me more than life itself and we started our little family with our Charlie boy in 2016 and then adding Harrison in early 2018. We have the little, laziest and sweetest Frenchie named Mr Maxwell and we love slow Saturdays in bed drinking hot drinks and watching movies. We are the Millers and I am completely outnumbered with all the boys but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Photography was something I started in college when I was at LSU. I don’t’ even want to count how many years ago that was. I learned in a dark room and with film and the whole 9 yards of the art form. It was a blessing to be able to see the extent of the trade. I shoot digital now for my weddings and families and am very thankful for it all because technology makes things very consistent and easier.

My clients tend to appreciate a good eye for art, love outdoors, have some adventure in their hearts and appreciate the value of a beautiful photograph not just capturing a snapshot. They tend to be classic Southern gals with a flare for life and a desire for those real, raw candid moments instead of just looking at the camera. Clients become friends and that’s the way it will always be.

My work reflects the light-hearted yet high-spirited girl that I am! Whether I am working with a couple on a Saturday, curating what they would normally do together if alone or chasing kids around in their backyard, I am steady bringing out the simple joys in our life through my lifestyle and wedding photography art. In the end, I want sessions with my clients to be fun, unscripted and as seamless as possible- allowing them to enjoy their experience and cherish their memories forever. 

baton rouge wedding photography

Associate Photographer- Wedding Photography

Associate - Leah

Well hello there! I am Leah. Photographer, writer, non-profit pioneer and kitchen adventurer who spends most of her time teaching a toddler how to be a human.

I am wife to Patrick. The most compassionate, generous and inspiring human I could ever dream up. He is the best of all the things I am not. After awkwardly swooning over him for years, we married in 2012. We moved to Africa in 2014, had our first son in 2016 and moved back to America in 2017. We will have our second little one at the end of this year. We like to keep it interesting. Our goal in life is to be a family that loves people fiercely and pursues the things we are passionate about.

Born and raised here in Baton Rouge, this place is something special. Home always has a way of drawing you back, and we find ourselves back in the Capital City where the food is spicy and the people are even warmer than the weather.

Creativity fuels my soul. Whether it is cooking a new recipe, finding new words to express old thoughts, or capturing images behind the camera- these expressions breathe life into my soul. Photography seemed like a natural progression for me. I got my first DSLR camera in high school and started shooting any and everything. I started shooting professionally 10+ years ago and have never stopped.

I am a people person who loves nothing more than using creativity to bring joy to others. I love cooking for a table filled with people, writing words that connect with someone’s experience, and I truly love to capture peoples’ moments with my camera.

That is what I love about photography- the ability to capture a moment in a way that reflects someone's story. Of love, of family, of new life. In 50 years when you look at the dusty framed photograph hung on your wall, I want you to recognize the person you see and remember the love you felt.