Baton Rouge Family Photography Session

I met Kelli at a friend of mine's 40th Birthday party. Let's just say, wow!! When I met her I immediately knew I wanted to be her friend. She was a firecracker. Not just because she just downed a cup of coffee and was cleaning our friend's kitchen like a ROCKSTAR... Nooooo, there was something way more special about her that I just loved... So you can imagine my excitement when she said she wanted to do a Family Session with her sweet boys :))

Family photography.jpg

We have Colten... 

Children photography.jpg

And Hudson... 

children photography.jpg

The Best of Buds as it seems... 

Family Photography.jpg

And they went straight for the limbs and got to their posing... "I want this shot", "I want to take a picture here"... it was the most excitement I had seen from little guys about photos in a lonnnnng while :)) 

Children Photography.jpg
children photography.jpg
Children's Photography.jpg
children photography.jpg

They made my pictures a breeze and I was completely floored at how well-mannered they were. They definitely have set the bar for outstanding young men in my book. Mama has taught them well :)) 

Family photography.jpg
children photography.jpg
family photography.jpg

They were as much of a pleasure as she... I think we got some great pics as well :))

The end.