Baton Rouge Engagement Session in Birmingham, AL


One of my Best said Yes!! 

Has anyone ever had to keep a secret for a really, really long time? I am usually lock and key for a good couple of days to weeks; but give me months to keep my mouth shut and there may or may not be an accidental slip of information here, a grin there, but not with this little love story...  

A dear friend of mine, Krystle, has been dating her sweet beau for quite some time and when Sid- we will call him Spartan Sid because he has quite an affinity for Spartan races- calls me up in March to tell me he is trying to think through "the big ask" I was elated to the point of wanting to shout it from the rooftops but secret keeper I became. 

First we thought it would be at the finish of a race they are doing in November but then I thought through getting loved ones there to celebrate with them and how no one really wants to race like these two do so we started to have to think of Plan B - which brings us to this past weekend. 

The agenda was a Missions Trip to Birmingham, Alabama with the team of people we all work with at New Beginnings Ministry at Healing Place Church. I was not able to take off a whole week, so John Robert and I drove up on the tail end of the trip under the alibi of not wanting to miss the big projects they had been building up to for the week :) 

It was all planned out... Perfect evening dinner in a park. Sid was going to be asked to say the blessing for the food and BAMMM, down on one knee and out comes the proposal. Perfecto, right!?!?

YES, of course it was!!! 

We even had our previous pastor there to help finish out the time with a prayer of blessing for the two lovebirds :)) Pure bliss and the surprise was kept FOR MONTHS.... Hallelujah!! 

So we ran off from the crowd and did a sweet little Engagement Session just to kick off their season of LOVE.