Baton Rouge Senior Portraits

I met this little jewel at our church when her mother reached out looking for a nanny for her kid's summer. I can't remember for the life of me how she got my name but it turned out that I was the girl for the job!

Amelia was a sweet, little eightieth grader whom had a sparkle in her eye and a little brother at her heels, Jake. She was simple and peaceful and a book worm like me. I knew upon meeting her that it was love at first sight!  

We had lots of fun those days of me sitting for them. Jake gave us a run for our money with his friends in and out the house and  guns needing to be assembled and grilled cheeses needing to be put together. But this little lady was the glue of it all. Her calmness covered our every moment, every day. 

But that was then and this is now, with her four years older and her mom moved to a new town and she working a waitressing gig and dating a boyfriend by the name of Meshach! And life is moving on and days are flying by as she is entering her Senior year of High school. Oh, my!

So let's hear it for time flying by and people being great and lives that come together for unknown reasons whether they are long or short seasons. To our old friends, new friends, new places in life and to the old ones we once visited and gained all our insight.

It's all one big, Great Perhaps that we get to live and thank God He gives us people along the way to cherish and walk with every day. 

I say her precious Senior portraits are just as darling as they could possible be.