Baton Rouge Engagement Session (Wedding to Come)!

These guys right here... I love them...

It's so wonderful to document stories that are close to me. This is a little Engagement session with some favorites... That tall man to the far left is Dwayne or D or the "Milk Man". He works at Borden so he's legitimate. His sweet Bride-to-be is beside him, her name is Trista and she is as bright as the sun, always running into the club- smile ear to ear and laughing about one thing or another. Those are her two little ones to the right of her- Colin and Teagan- most adorable and genuinely adore one another. 

They met at the Fitclub that I manage, Koko. I met D first. He had this friendly, fatherly essence and has been a huge blessing to get to know over the past three years. Trista came along about a year later. We were all supposed to go on the Red Dress Run in NOLA but they were the only two that ended up making it down there race day. 

That was a year ago last July. This November D and T will be tying the knot! It is going to be a very, very special coming together and I get to photograph it all. I couldn't be more happy for them!! 

Most importantly these two little ones get a dad again after losing theirs some 7 years ago. 

And that's what I call a very Happy Ending...