Rural Life and LSU Hilltop Engagement Session

Hey there!! 

Say hello to Sarah and Blake!! I knew when I emailed with Sarah that we were going to get along just great! She had this spunky, excited personality and you could tell she was "in love" with her Blake. 

Baton Rouge Photography Engagement Session

I added Questionnaires to my Engagement Session process so when she sent me everything back I was in love with all her feedback! When asked what a normal weekend off would look like for the two of them it consisted of nature, nature and more nature. Either planting plants in their garden or taking hikes or just relaxing somewhere outdoors downtown Baton Rouge was what these two loved to spend their time doing.

So we started the afternoon Engagement session off at LSUs Hilltop Arboretum. It's the perfect mix of everything they were wanting. Sarah was Mrs Shy-pants on the other side of the camera and she said the whole time, "I was worried that Blake would be the one we were worried about!!!" ... I told her it's very very typical for most people to get that way but it only took about 15 minutes and she was like a pro!! We had so much fun shooting their session by the end of it all.  

Baton Rouge Photography Engagement Session
Baton Rouge Photography Engagement Session
Baton Rouge Engagement Photography Session

The one thing I try to achieve with all my couples for their Engagements is to just be themselves. It usually does take some warming up but in the end that is exactly what I am going for- just them being them. Whatever that is... for Sweet Sarah and her Blake that was a whole lot of lovey dovey and some silly on the side! 

Baton Rouge Engagement Photography Session

Sarah was practically a stylist with her outfits! I gave her some recommendations and she pulled everything off effortlessly. I adored the yellow sun dress and the classic white dress for their classier shots! We headed off to the Rural Life Museum where the Beer Fest was going on to finish up their Engagements. 

I can't tell you how effortlessly the end of the session went after we got all the gitters out the way. Blake was classic GQ model and made his bride to be look like a star! 

Baton Rouge Engagement Photography Session
baton rouge engagement session
baton rouge engagement photography

We ended in the sunlight just as I hoped. There is nothing more beautiful to me than a backlit shot with creamy yellows coming through the various parts of the image. These two made my job very easy peasy when it came down to everything! 

I wish you two all the best and know your future as Mr and Mrs is going to be as beautiful as the two of you together. 

With love,