Baton Rouge Newborn Photography Session

Ahhhh, a newborn photo session.... What is more sweet than a newborn? 

I am going to share how I come about my images for most sessions...

 I always ask my clients to shoot in their home, nursery or master bedroom. I am always looking for the best lighting in the home. Light is everything within photography. Second, I always try not to pose mommy and daddy as much as possible. I love to capture the family as they are... just them being them.... this is called lifestyle photography or maybe even, documentary photography. It's where I am not posing the frames I am capturing but more of just trying to allow the subjects to do what they always do and tell the story of what's going on. This has always been my desire even when I was 20 years old learning at LSU on my manual camera. I always stayed in the background to try to capture my subjects in my street photography.

This is my end goal always. To tell the story.

baton rouge newborn photography

To me, I think that it makes the most beautiful and raw images. For instance, this particular moment is something mommy and daddy have done for hours and hours since baby Charlotte was born and I want to capture that for them so they can always remember swooning in her nursery as they try to soothe her back to sleep.

baton rouge newborn photography
baton rouge newborn photography

Another thing you will see with this kind of photography is capturing the story of what is going on in the scene. I try to utilize all the aspects of the clients home and surroundings that make up their world. Here I added their beloved albums to the frame.

This is storytelling not posing. 

baton rouge newborn photography
baton rouge newborn photography

I added my macro add on to get some of those details that we cherish so much. 

What is more adorable that tiny little toes and baby fingers?!

baton rouge newborn photography
baton rouge newborn photography

Mommy and daddy were so happy with their images! And there is nothing more rewarding than to hand off a Gallery to clients and them respond with such love and adoration and awe.

It makes my life complete.... and hopefully theirs :)

So thankful for every client that entrusts me to tell their story <3

baton rouge newborn photography

Baton Rouge Birth Photography

This little bundle was such a joy for me to capture. Not only is she my new niece but she is also the second Dinkel girl, aside from her Aunt Cami, and has been a long awaited arrival.

Her mama wanted an 8/8 birthday so badly that I am pretty sure she pushed off labor on 8/7 and told that sweet baby girl she had to wait and bake a little longer. 

I did a Hospital session or what you might know as Fresh 48 where you capture the first precious moments of life with the family and baby. 

 With four boy cousins, this family was eagerly awaiting their sweet girls' arrival and last Friday was there debut into their little world... These were a few of her fan club's attendants... 

She was passed around the room with every blink of an eye- on and on- into everyone's arms. Getting kissed and snuggled and warmed with all her new families love. 

And there was one little fella that was most certainly excited to get to meet her, her new big brother, Louis. 

And they all lived happily ever after. 

The end.