Baton Rouge 6 Month Photography Session

Once upon a time there was a little, tiny boy named Baby G or Gabriel or Gaby, if you like, or my personal favorite, GabyBaby. His mommy and dad are friends of mine and have had the most fun bringing this little angel into their home. 

He was born in Lake Charles last December and has graced their home with giggles and wiggles and a unending stream of filled up diapers. All the way a little, tiny bundle of joy should.

Well the big boy turned a whooping 7 months the other day so we did a little family shoot to commence the occasion. We tried to combine all of G's most favorite of things- his mommy and daddy- of course... 

And wearing his prince crown... (not so much) ... and playing airplane and reading his favorites of books, George and Jeffery the Jeep. It was the sweetest non newborn session to date :)

And as much of a fan of clothes I am, I really just love little, naked bottoms... so of course I asked if we could get him in his birthday suit. 

The end.