Anniversary Session slash Engagement Session

This post makes me more than happy to post. It's a birthday post. Aside from baby Lila's hospital shoot, it's the first one of the blog :) and it happens to be to one of my very special, favorite people. 

Upon John Robert and I's visit to the Motherland, our darling friends were about to make their 2 year anniversary and she asked if I would be willing to do a little mini-shoot of her and her man. It might seem like an Engagement Session but don't be fool, these two are far into the marriage bliss! I  think I was more elated than they were about it :) 

It was such a pleasure having fun laughing with them and making silly faces. The venue was this darling restaurant slash landscaping store. It was perfect for our many breakfasts there and of course this little shoot. 

If you know this little darling in any way at all then you will know her affinity for pictures of her feetsy. So in honor of her foot passion... I had to ask for a moment posing... 

We tried on hats, too. 

Everyone did. 

After cuddling with their favorite bearded man, I found some stumps that we did circus tricks on. 

And feet pics :)

the Contis (34 of 53).jpg

And then they made special, special rap gang faces.  

And gave piggybacks. Leaher dropped Pat so I won't disclose her failures. 

And more of their special affection towards one another. 

Leaher's insanely random brain complements Patrick's rather peaceful and quirky wit combining for a super wonderful and perfect couple to me. But I am biased. I adore these two to pieces and I love even more than we are beyond friends, we are family.

John Robert and I's time there with them was more than anything I could have planned. It was the perfect amount of anything and everything. 

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!! I know this year will be blessed and filled!! Can't wait for November when you come back to the US of A. 

Till then enjoy many cups of your coffees, lots of 24 episodes and have the time of your life living your dream in your favorite place in the entire world.