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Hey there!!

Been a hot minute, huh? Is everyone else running around like chickens trying to not forget to make dinner or do all the laundry that's been piling up in the guest room. I know they say the day gets ahead of you but I am quite sure the whole dang week does. 

I have been blissfully engaged in the life of my 6 month old, Charlie and in the throes of my busy season- aka wedding season! When I say love is in the air I mean it's pretty much the only air I have been breathing :) Lots and lots of lovebirds have consumed my weekends. I am not complaining one bit! Every couple brings so much personality and fun to my work and I find it challenging in the best way to keep things fresh and make beautiful photos for the each of them! 


Y'all!! Have y'all ever heard of THEWAYWEMET ? No, if not do yourself a favor and enjoy a brain break and read some of these amazing stories they have complied. Well these two are NO exception. I ADORE their story. 

baton rouge lifestyle candid photography

Say hello to Lance and Sarah. Residing in the good ole Louisiana but Sarah a Texan at heart. Picture this... you are dining by yourself at the local restaurant of any passerby's choice- the Chimes on campus. Lo and behold the man that is also dining by himself for the evening approaches your table and asks if you are meeting anyone. You don't know whether to duck and run or to smile and flirt. Good thing for Lance, Sarah decided on the latter. Although, under the guise of being completely harmless, Lance listened to the worn out from a long day woes and even offered to help her with her car that was having trouble recently. 

baton rouge lifestyle candid photography

Y'all- I kid you not, the rest if history! What in the world?! Who does that happen to. I mean Sarah didn't just dive right in to Lance's offer of car repairs. She insisted she drive it back to Houston so her dad could take a look at it but upon the news of that not working, Sarah knew his offer was good when he showed up the next weekend and got everything working again. 

This is the stuff movies are made of. The two began their "dating" with Lance's offer to wine and dine her at his home one evening. Sarah laughed under her breath things this handsome bachelor would surely be wooing her with his best RiceaRoni concoction. To her surprise, she walked into a kitchen full or aromas and a dinner out of a 5 star restaurant. 

The two of them love their food so much we crafted their whole session around their favorite Saturday lineup- the Downtown Farmers Market and making pasta together- from scratch! 

baton rouge lifestyle candid photography

We started at 7:30 to bet the crowds. The two of them continued to pursue the stalls and choose their yummies for the evening. Tasting cheese, choosing flowers, bread choices, tomato options... we did it all. These two curated their afternoon within the hour and we were off to the house to start the process! 

baton rouge lifestyle candid photography
baton rouge lifestyle candid photography
baton rouge lifestyle candid photography

Sarah had the dough made and ready to roll (hahah--- get it) the two of them were like clockwork. They were pros. Everything for pasta making seemed like a seamless, everyday task. I was mesmerized of course because the closest thing to homemade I have been getting these days was a random green smoothie for breakfast! 

Their system was endearing and charming and quick! In no time at all the little strings were hanging on their stand and waiting for the boiling water that was soon to come. 

baton rouge lifestyle candid photography
baton rouge lifestyle candid photography
baton rouge lifestyle candid photography
baton rouge lifestyle candid photography

We finished up in their backyard feeding the chickens some seed. I swear one would think we step back to 1940 but these two just enjoy the simple things in life and I was so thankful to have come along for their "Perfect Saturday Sess". 

baton rouge lifestyle candid photography
baton rouge lifestyle candid photography
Working a perfect Saturday sess enables the couple or family to do exactly what they would do on a Saturday if they had nothing but time. These sessions allow us to create the memories they want to cherish for the years to come.

Baton Rouge Family Photography Session

 Never, ever have a met a family like the Morgans. Ever. 

I can't sing their praises loud enough. I met Mallory, aka Cletus the hot mom in this picture, back when I was in Full Time Elevate at Healing Place. She was such a riot!!! I couldn't believe God made people as fun as that girl!! She kept me laughing the whole time we would be around each other!!!

Well her and that man up there, Dave, made a sweet little family since and have been blessed with the privilege of raising three girls!! And everyone said, "God bless them!!"

The oldest and sweetest little thing is Miss Elle whom is seated right there below. 

Next is Jules. Sweet Jules. I will call her "spitfire" cause she has a little flicker in her little self. Reminds me a lot of me with all her curiosity and energy :)  

And finally is baby Charley whom just made her grand entrance into the world. She is what you call, a jewel, sweet as pie :) 

We had ample space for our shoot at their house and property wayyyyyy out in a little place called, St. Amant :)

I particularly love this one although the light is a tad harsh solely cause when I said, "let's shoot in front of the wood stack", I could feel Mal and Dave thinking, "what in the world is she thinking"... Well, this was it!!! Isn't it beautiful!?

We then headed back into the house to capture some natural, family moments. 

This was the point in which we told the girls if they participated they would get GUM! This was a huge win for them but not good for the photographer with newly smiling faces and smacking lips :)

And we got some with just Charley because she's the best and sweetest and softest little one around. 

And for the win..... FAMILY TIME IN THE BEDS!!! 

Another Family Session for a win! 

The end.