Baton Rouge Maternity Photography in Destin

I suppose it was perfect that the first baby bump session I did was for my best friend for many years, Kristan Gallup. She was so darling and perfect for the shoot. We had a girls weekend scheduled in Gulf Shores and I knew it was going to be the perfect spot for her maternity session for her sweet little one! 

All I could think was that she needed to be in a JCrew magazine with her tiny, little waist line and perfect little baby belly. 

Her and Ryan are keeping everyone in suspense in regards to the gender reveal for Baby Gallup's arrival day. They do however have the names in place for either gender which would be Nathaniel or Cora Leigh.   

We had the perfect, overcast day for her session which lent greatly for lighting and sun reflections but not so much for the girls getting a tan however :) 

We practiced lots of laughing shots because those make the best shots. I said things like, "poot" and "toot" and "isn't Natalie so funny" and that got lots of laughs. 

Happy Baby Having, Kristan Leigh Bailey.